Yoga Dance Festival 2015 AUSTRIA

The Yoga Dance Festival turned out to be a massive celebration of life and peace. The energy was everywhere, at any corner and in any heart. The music was hot like the weather: Big City Indians, David Sye und Prem Joshua delivered intense performances for mind and soul.The result was a happy crowd, dancing and drifting into the moment of pleasure, driven by sound and mood.

Indian Week – Pullman City 2015 GERMANY

The Indian Week was a big thing with some good BCI unplugged concerts, native culture, spirit and tradition. From the 1. to  the 9th of August the visitors got a great impression of music, dance, fashion and craftmanship. With beautiful performances by singer Shelley Morningsong (North Cheyenne), her husband Fabian Fontenelle (Zuni/Omaha) and Navajo-dancer Lowery Begay from New Mexico. The big final was a Pow Wow, the traditional native celebration, including all the visitors and artists.

Exotic Festival 2014 AUSTRIA

WORLD Music,Dance & Food Festival.
Great live performance at the biggest Exotic Street Party Festival in Austria.
The event attended by more than 8000 visitors was a special attraction to the audience from different part of the world. Various traditional dances and music performances from different countries.

Winter Solstice and Christmas Concert 2013 VIENNA

It was a great Winter Solstice and Christmas Concert with fantastic & positive energy – thank you to everyone who was part of it! Check out the concert teaser. Enjoy the music!  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and every happiness and prosperity in the New Year

Museumsmeilenfest Bonn 2013 GERMANY

Star Guests at Museumsmeilen Festival 2013 were Big City Indians opposite the Iroquois Longhouse and Garden at Museumsplatz. Read the concert review

National Museum Copenhagen 2012 DENMARK

We had a great gig in Denmark at the National Museum of Copenhagen. The event in a unique space of the National Museum had the heading Powwow and we have offered a music experience that spans songs from the early days to the present.

Floating Stage Mannheim 2012 GERMANY

Big City Indians have performed against the backdrop of a breathtaking natural scenery on a floating stage in the Luisenpark Mannheim, Germany. See the Video how we entertains the audience with a pleasant conversation between the flute and a duck

Munich Airport Powwow 2012 GERMANY

Pictures from the Powwow Trail.

TUWA – CD Release Party 2012 AUSTRIA

Thank you for all the love and support and for making the CD Release Party in Vienna a success!  It was an absolutely awesome evening, thanks largely to the audience and their enthusiastic applause. We enjoyed performing for you at the sold-out Don José Feliciano Café in the very Heart of  Vienna! Thanks for the presentation to Native American Elder & Ambassador of Peace: J. Reuben Silverbird and Danceman & Entertainer: Michael Seida

Western Piknik Festival 2011 POLAND

We had a great gig at the largest Folk, Blues & Country Festival, the Western Piknik in Eastern Europe on the white beaches of the Baltic Sea. Clear water, sun, sea and sand, cool crowd, great gig! Thanx for love and support ! Western Piknik regularly gathers large international audiences and is one of the biggest music festivals and cultural initiatives of its kind in Poland.

Native American Music Awards 2011 US

We are honored to be the winner with Wolfheart´s flute album: “The Call Of The Canyons” for Best Native Heart of the Year at the 13th Annual Native American Music Awards 2011 which were handed out in Niagara Falls, New York on October 7, 2011. Two NAMMYS in two years! We are so pleased and humbled. It was a great Award show! Congratulations to all the winners & nominees.
THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING OUR MUSIC & FOR VOTING ! The Native American Music Awards are the largest Indigenous Awards event to take place in the world.

Vienna Harley Days 2011 AUSTRIA

Big City Indians kicks off the motorcycle season at the Vienna Harley Days 2011, a real musical rendezvous, where guitar riffs echoes with the purring of engines. There was also a big motorbike parade, more than 1,000 bikes riding through the most representative streets of Vienna with big engines, polished chrome, shining bodywork and eagles on backs. The video is ready! Watch the Harley Feeling

Night Of The Ballons 2010 AUSTRIA

Big City Indians at the great Hot Air Balloon event in Austria. Many of balloons in different shapes, colours and sizes soared through the sky during the health resort Bad Tatzsmannsdorf. The flickering glow of each balloon scored a beautiful display in the evening light and the Hot Air Balloons flames to the beat of our music with fireworks.

Greifensteine Countrymusic Festival 2010 GERMANY

Big City Indians performing live at the Greifensteine Festival in Germany – Sachen’s largest Open-air Country Rock Festival at the remnants of a mighty granite massif in a natural arena amidst the rocks of the Erzgebirge mountains. We had a great performance with around 3,500 visitors on the natural stage against the backdrop of the rocky crags. The weather was perfect and besides the strong sun shining on our instruments.

Donauinselfest 2010 AUSTRIA

Native Indian Power Groove at the largest and most popular open air festival in the Austrian capital. With free entry millions of visitors have enjoyed the great three day outdoor festival in Vienna: the Donauinselfest.

Native American Music Awards 2010 US

Big City Indians picking up a Nammy for “Best Native Heart Recording” for their latest album: “Tribal Vision” at the Native American Music Awards which were handed out in Niagara Falls, NY on November 12th. Thank you to everybody who voted. The Native American Music Award is a celebration of music honoring the outstanding achievements of today’s leading Native American artists north and south of the US and Canadian borders.

Zion Canyon Drum and Flute Festival 2010 US

Wolfsheart was the first european live at the Zion Canyon Drum and Flute Festival outside Zion National park in Utah. A big, exciting festival with world known recording artists celebrating the rhythms of Mother Earth. For a player of Native American Flutes, this is a very exciting gathering. Wolfsheart was the first european, who ventures down to this spectacular event on this spectacular location. This world class event provides the opportunity to immerse oneself in the passion of Native American Flutes music.. Live Video

Trutnov Open Air Music Festival 2009 CZECH REPUBLIC

We had a great opening ceremony and a great gig at night at the Trutnov Open Air Music Festival at the main stage, which has the shape of an amphittheatre. The “East – Czech Woodstock“ is one of the biggest music festivals in the Czech Republic. Since its inception in 1987, the festival has been promoting an alternative lifestyle, tolerance and openness amongst communities. Also the former president Vaclav Havel was guest on the festival  Live Video

Dobre Festival 2008 SLOVAKIA

One of the most popular multicultural festivals in Central Europe next to impressive atomic plant partially out of operation. Lot of Slovakia fans at the concert at the Dobre-Bohunice-Fest. What a great audience and great atmosphere. You can watch a live movie here

Festival of Cultures Hamburg 2007 GERMANY

Big City Indians at Festival of Cultures Hamburg with street parade celebrating multi-cultural life.
We meet lifestyles which mix up being a stranger, being open-minded and feeling at home in this globalized world. The power, the strength, the humour but perhaps also the wistfulness combine at the Festival of Cultures. A new cultural richness develops which is recognizable on different levels. On the one hand there is the economical interchange with the world which is especially famous for Hamburg. On the other hand there is the prospering multi cultural street life. Festival Compilation CD: „One People One Nation“

Cave Concert Schulerloch 2007 GERMANY

A great concert inside Schulerloch Cavern. This was an incredibly magical experience combining Big City Indians lyrical playing with the outstanding natural acoustics of the cave.

Folklorum Festival 2005 GERMANY

Das zweitgrößte Folkfestival Deutschlands verwandelte sich in eine bunt schillernde Oase aus Tönen und Tanz, Märchen und Magie, exotischem Handel und Handwerk. Ein außergewöhnliches Festival der Weltmusik am östlichsten Punkt Deutschlands, mit unbeschreiblicher Atmosphäre und tollem Publikum. Eines der schönsten und spannendsten Festivalgelände!

Indian Summer Festival 2004 NETHERLANDS

BCI at the festival for free spirits and thus the most relaxed and casual festival of the Netherlands.

Dreamtime Festival Berlin 2004 GERMANY

Big City Indians beim Tribal Arts and Didge & Worldmusic Festival. Außerdem waren Künstler und Musiker aus Australien, Neuseeland, Tahiti, Indien, der Mongolei in die Ufa-Fabrik mitten im Berliner Stadtgebiet eingeladen.

Bodypainting Festival 2004 AUSTRIA

BCI at the Body Painting Festival in Austria, where people are getting painted, spray painted and coated in colors. This is the world’s biggest and most colourful art – music – fashion – show. There are also world championships in 5 categories, including face painting.

Theater Halmstad 2003 SWEDEN

Solidarity Concert 2003 with the Red Calf Singers and native dancers at the Halmstad Theater in SWEDEN.  Live Video

Donauinselfest 2003 AUSTRIA

Native Indian Power Groove at the largest and most popular open air festival in the Austrian capital. With free entry millions of visitors have enjoyed the great three day outdoor festival in Vienna: the Donauinselfest.

Tipi Camp Wakan Tanka 2002 ITALY

Im malerischen Piemonte / Italien fand dieser Event mitten in der Natur statt. Im Tipi Camp Wakan Tanka, auf einem 150 000 m2 großen Gelände mit original indianischen Tipis.

 American Indian Days 2002 GERMANY