Hoka Hey, come join us at the fire and let yourselves be carried away by the singing, storytelling, dancing, flute and drum play of the fascinating realm of Native America. We will give an insight into the Native Americans’ magical view of the world and teach valuable, cultural knowledge to children.Großstadt-Indianer

It´s our special concern to let children explore the world of rhythm in a playful manner.
To achieve this task we make use of animation techniques designed for kids and employ a variety of rhythm instruments, our own hands, feet & voices.
In other words: by beating the drums, stamping their feet, dancing & singing the kids can have a lot of fun and learn one or the other thing about music and the american native’s culture at the same time!
How do we play the various drums? Which sounds can we produce? Which rhythms can we play?Großstadt-Indianer Another positive side – effect of drumming is that we automatically train the right and the left brain and thus learn more easily. The drum is the oldest instrument known to man, tribes around the globe sat around fires playing drums to accompany stories of their history. The sound if native drums reminds us of the sounds of nature, of thunder, wind and rain, of rivers and of the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Exciting tales, happenings and songs from Native American history will introduce you to ancient times. They are waiting to be discovered. Everywhere in Native American legends, fairy tales, myths and stories were passed on by word of mouth from one generation to the next. These stories were and still are very important to the various tribes as they give us a code of practice on how we should treat nature and its creatures! A primary purpose for oral tradition is to preserve memories, to convey to the successive generations where they come from, where they’re going and what they can accomplish and thus help them understand. our audio-book  GroßstadtIndianer

This flute is one of the traditional musical instruments of the Native American people, originating in the southwest of the US. Petroglyphs show that even 2500 years ago the flute was esteemed by Native Americans for its timeless and harmonic melodies.
Ever flute is endued with a hand-carved totem e.g. an eagle, a bear, a buffalo or a wolf. After you learn how to hold the flute and which sounds it produces, with a little bit of practice you will soon be able to play your first melodies on this pentatonically tuned (5 note scale) woodwind instrument even without knowing music theory. Just close your eyes and play… listen to what the magical flute is trying to tell you… WolfsheartThe Native American flute combines the powers of tree and nature with that of wind and breath and it gives your heart and soul a chance to express itself through the flute’s magic. It was used by various cultures for different reasons. The Sioux used it to court women and win their hearts with loving melodies. “Syontanka” is the Lakota term for this dulcet instrument. For other tribes the flute was a way of meditation. But one thing all flutists have in common is that the flute has always been a symbol for love and harmony and a means to express your soul. Recently a 60,000 year old flute made of bone was discovered, making the flute the oldest melodic instrument. Mythology bears many stories about the flute. On our audio-book you can listen to “How the flute came to man”.

Our numerous performances and workshops in Youth – Camps,

Public and Private Schools, Kindergartens, University Events, Festivals ect.
have thrilled and actively involved our young audience.

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AUDIO-BOOK: Kitchi Manitou – Native American Myths, Legends, Songs and Stories

Native American stories weaving with tribal drumming, flute and nature sounds.
This quality compilation of indigenous myth’s is especially selected for younger audiences. available here