TUWA – a musical tribute to Mother Earth.  (released 2012)
2013 Native American Music Award winning Album
(worldwide shipping  €4,50) Tuwa
“The new album reminds us that we’re all indigenous to the earth. Hear the thunder, hear the earth crying out, and feel the power of native wisdom through this diverse compilation of musical styles. TUWA weaves rich sound textures with deep earthy vocals. Native flutes, drums, and prayers meet the big city with a wide variety of instrumentation that awakens every heart to action and healing for the earth” … Earthday Radio US

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Tribal Vision (released 2009)Tribal Vision
2010 Native American Music Award winning Album

“What they produce musically is of the highest quality, totaly authentic but given an almost dance rock groove that would appeal to young festival audiences in the UK. Eleven tracks on this their fourth release, a large percentage of which would get audiences up and dancing within minutes. The production is crisp, vocals outstanding and they playing is first class. They really are one of the most unique bands plying their wares in Europe today; no other acts is doing anything quite like this.“Tribal Vision” will no doubt do very well in their home country Austria along with the rest of Europe, but I would urge our UK readers to check out theit website and order a copy, it will come as a most pleasant suprise” …Maverick Magazine, UK


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Native Heart – Urban Soul (released 2003)Native Heart - Urban Soul
“A colorful combination of rock and roll, blues and Native themes, Big City Indians’ second release is powerful. ‘Wolfsheart’ (lead singer) and company capture the essence of Native spirit. Big City Indians is just that. Dubbing their music, “Native American Power Groove” this five-man band from Austria delivers the goods. With a foundation firmly planted inintertribal music, BCI combines Native sounds and themes with rock and roll and blues. The result is simply spectacular”… Whispering Wind Magazine, US


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Uncle Peyote (released 1999)Uncle Peyote
The debut album is groovy, rhythmic, meditative and mystic – an adventure, which is a cross between two cultures – Native sensitivity and Rock-pop music blend in a shimmering world of sound. The result is high emotion World Music.
But music constitutes only one aspect of the CD. The underlying theme is aid –
in buying this CD you are in fact giving your support to the Radio station, KILI, the Voice of the Lakota. to KILI radio on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota,
so that a nation can keep their voice!


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DVD-Live Rising Spirit (released 2005)Live Rising Spirit
More than 100 minutes Native Indian Power Groove.
Live Recordings, music clips, studio, interview, Slide Show …
A rough piece without a lot of technical make-up as well as a lot of emotions.




Wolf Moon Rising – Wolfsheart solo album (released 2012)wolfmoonrising
A new winter inspired album features twelve new, original songs and one spoken-word composition consisting of beautiful instrumental arrangements with an indigenous flavor. This soulful contemporary instrumental recording, that blends Native American flutes, synthesizers, piano, strings, chimes, percussion, bells and nature sounds and some voice is Wolfheart’s third solo album and was produced, composed, arranged and performed by Wolfsheart and Gigi Skokan.

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The Call Of The Canyons – Wolfsheart solo album (released 2010)The Call Of The Canyons
2011 Native American Music Award winning Album

“The Call Of The Canyons is one of the first Native American flute works that shows with great clarity the magic and mystery that surrounded the tribes of the American Southwest. Without breaking that charm, Wolfsheart joins avant-gardist sounds with the sound expressive of the Native Indian flutes, an alliance that initially may not seem wise, but the result is more than perfect. The Call Of The Canyons is a recommeded work!”…, Spain

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Kitchi Manitou – Native American Myths, Legends, Songs and Stories (released 2012)Kitchi Manitou
Wolfsheart weaves Native American stories with tribal drumming, flute and nature sounds. This quality compilation of indigenous myth’s is especially selected for younger audiences.
Exciting tales, happenings and songs from Native American history will introduce you to ancient times. They are waiting to be discovered.



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