Yoga FestivalYoga Dance Festival Austria
The Yoga Dance Festival turned out to be a massive celebration of life and peace. The energy was everywhere, at any corner and in any heart. The music was hot like the weather: Big City Indians, David Sye und Prem Joshua delivered intense performances for mind and soul.The result was a happy crowd, dancing and drifting into the moment of pleasure, driven by sound and mood.


Indian Week 2015 – Germanyindian week
The Indian Week was a big thing with some good BCI unplugged performances, native culture, spirit and tradition. From the 1. to  the 9th of August the visitors got a great impression of music, dance, fashion and craftmanship. With beautiful performances by singer Shelley Morningsong (North Cheyenne), her husband Fabian Fontenelle (Zuni/Omaha) and Navajo-dancer Lowery Begay from New Mexico. The big final was a Pow Wow, the traditional native celebration, including all the visitors and artists.



New Special Compilation Album entitled, WOLFWOLF CD
WOLF features songs by Big City Indians and and many more great Nammy award-winning and nominated artists in honor the Gray Wolf which may become delisted as an endangered species given the recent proposal by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to remove its protections. The CD which aims to honor and protect the wolf, will be used as a fundraiser for wolf conservation efforts and advocacy.
The WOLF CD is available for purchase both in hard copies beginning January 21th .


BCI received the 2014 Silver Arrow AwardBCI-Silver Arrow Award
We’re proud to announce that Big City Indians are the recipient of the fifth Silver Arrow Award by Spirit Wind Records for our contribution to the Native American Music Industry. Thanks to Spirit Wind Records.
Each year, winners are selected for outstanding contrubution through Native American music by the board of directors of Spirit Wind.



Winter Solstice and Christmas Concert 2013 VIENNAWinter Solstice and Christmas Concert 2013 VIENNA
It was a great Winter Solstice and Christmas Concert with fantastic & positive energy – thank you to everyone who was part of it!
Check out the video teaser. Pictures from the concert in our eventblog.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and every happiness and prosperity in the New Year



We are delighted to announce that our brand new single & video ‘May You Walk‘ is officially out now.
Two versions of the track have been released. Make sure you grab them now!
Available on iTunes, Amazon and many other digital outlets.
We want to show at the Cross-Cultural Music Video the diversity of cultures from across the globe for a better understanding between different ethnic cultures. Mitakuye Oyasin (We are All Related)


Trust, a documentary
Watch the Trailer about Water, Treaty Rights & Mining in the Great Lakes Region of the United States | Music by Big City Indians
On the shores of Lake Superior, native and non-native activists are fighting to protect the waters of the Great Lakes and the lifestyles of the region’s people from the catastrophic effects of an expanding mining industry. But will corporate influence on state legislatures usurp the environmental laws and treaty rights protecting them?

Nammy for GROUP OF THE YEAR nammys
We won the 14th Annual Native American Music Awards for
3 Nammys in 3 years, we are sooooooooo honored!
Thank you all for loving & supporting us all the way to the Nammys!
Congratulations to all nominee’s and winners!



WWF Earth Hour Anthem 2013earth is crying earthhour
We support the World Wide Fund for Nature campaign EARTH HOUR 2013 and the call for a conscious use of available energy resources. Our EARTH HOUR SONG AUSTRIA 2013 “Earth is Crying – Dry Her Tears” is the official song of this year’s Earth Hour WWF Austria, to be held on March 23, 2013. The single from our latest album “TUWA” is a musical homage to nature and a call for respect and protection of the environment and eccological principles. A wake-up call for all who want to help with deeds. For the future of our planet Earth.


wolfsheart-wolfmoonrisingNew Winter Album OUT NOW!
A new holiday-inspired album features twelve new, original songs and one spoken-word composition consisting of beautiful instrumental arrangements with an indigenous flavor. This album might become one of your favorites – not only during the holiday season, but all year round. This soulful contemporary instrumental recording, that blends Native American flutes, synthesizers, piano, strings, chimes, percussion, bells and nature sounds and some voice is Wolfheart’s third solo album and was produced, composed, arranged and performed by Wolfsheart and Gigi Skokan.


New Video online
Funny conversation between a Flute & a Duck:
Wolfsheart entertains the audience with a pleasant conversation between the flute and a duck. Big City Indians have performed against the backdrop of a breathtaking natural scenery on a floating stage September 2012 in the Luisenpark Mannheim, Germany.
Enjoy the video, we hope it brings back good memories!



National Museum Denmark
Some days passed by since we’re back from Denmark. We had a great gig at the National Museum of Copenhagen. The event in a unique space of the National Museum had the heading “Powwow” and we have offered a music experience that spans songs from the early days to the present. See some pics in our eventblog.  We hope to see you all on our upcoming show at the Kulisse in Vienna on 15th December.



Kitchi Manitou, the audiobook – out now!
We proudly announces the release of Wolfsheart´s first storytelling CD: “Kitchi Manitou – Native American Myths, Legends, Songs and Stories”. He weaves Native American stories with tribal drumming, flute and nature sounds into an entertaining and educational cultural presentation. This quality compilation of indigenous myth’s is especially selected for younger audiences. The Kitchi Manitou audiobook contains a single disc with 21 storys & songs in German language.


CD Release Party – TUWA
Thank you for all the love and support and for making the CD Release Party in Vienna a success!  It was an absolutely awesome evening, thanks largely to the audience and their enthusiastic applause.
We enjoyed performing for you at the sold-out Don José Feliciano Café in the very Heart of Vienna! Thanks for the presentation to Native American Elder & Ambassador of Peace: J. Reuben Silverbird and Danceman & Entertainer: Michael Seida



New Album OUT NOW!
The new ground-breaking concept album TUWA is available worldwide today. It pays tribute to nature mentioning how far humans have drifted away from the actual ecological principles of life. It also focuses on Hopi’s and other tribes’ predictions and prophecies for 2012, calling for action in favor of the environment and its protection instead of only talking about it. It’s available on CD and as a digital download. Buy it online at iTunes, Amazon and usual online outlets or in our webshop (low cost shipping to US €3,50).read more

The new disc offers 12 original compositions full of positive energy and hope for treating our planet in a more respectful way.
The musical scope ranges from Contemporary Native American, to Rock and from World Music to funky tunes. The album included a male/female duet with Kelly Montijo Fink. With the publication of our fourth album in 2012 we also celebrate the band’s fifteenth anniversary. We hope you enjoy the new record


Native Music with European Flair
Check out the blogspot of the Wolf and the bear Network:
“Native Music with the European Flair”


Watch out: New Single & Video
The brand new single “Horses Thunder” is now available in our webshop and for digital download. Dedicated to all the horses, mustangs, ponies and to all the horse lovers out there! We hope you love it!
Get Your Copy Today and rock out from dusk till dawn!
A part from the music video “Horses Thunder” was filmed in one of the last really wild areas of the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming.
Watch the new video clip here


BCI Song on new Compilation Album
The Various Artists CD: “A Tribute To Our Heroes” released on February 21th. There you’ll find us in company of great Native American musicians and singers such as Michael Bucher, Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Yolanda Martinez, Jimmy Lee Young, Sayani and many more. All receipts goes to Veterans Shelters throughout the nation.
Listen and buy the great collection of songs here



4,000 Facebook Fans
Now we have made it to more than 4,000 fans on Facebook.
Thank you everyone for passing around our fan page and for all of your comments, likes and follows!
We are grateful for each and every one of you, your love and support! “Like” us on Facebook to receive the latest breaking news, updates and more.



Winner of the 2011 Native American Music Awards
We are honored to be the winner with Wolfheart´s flute album: “The Call Of The Canyons” for Best Native Heart of the Year at the 13th Annual Native American Music Awards 2011 which were handed out in Niagara Falls, New York on October 7, 2011. Two NAMMYS in two years!
We are so pleased and humbled. It was a great Award show! Congratulations to all the winners & more

THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING OUR MUSIC & FOR VOTING ! The Native American Music Awards are the largest Indigenous Awards event to take place in the world.

Live in Poland
We had a great performance and got a great result in a foreign country at the largest Folk, Blues & Country Festival, the Western Piknik in Eastern Europe on the white beaches of the Baltic Sea. Clear water, sun, sea and sand, cool crowd, great gig! Thanx for love and support ! Western Piknik regularly gathers large international audiences and is one of the biggest music festivals and cultural initiatives of its kind in Poland.


Vienna Harley-Davidson Days 2011
Big City Indians kicks off the motorcycle season at the Vienna Harley Days 2011, a real musical rendezvous, where our guitar riffs echoes with the purring of engines. There was also a big motorbike parade, more than 1,500 Harley Drivers rode through the most representative streets of Vienna with big engines, polished chrome, shining bodywork and eagles on backs. Watch the Harley Feeling



BCI Interview from the Netherlands
Read an exclusive Interview on the Netherlands online magazine
The Country Startpage


BCI received the 2011 Silver Arrow Award
Silver Arrow Award for Outstanding Contribution to Native American Music. We are honored and want to say a big thank you !
The Silver Arrow Award, a recognition of Accomplishments in Native American Music. Spirit Wind Records has been reaching out to Native Music Artists for 11 years through the Silver Arrow Award Program founded by Donald Blackfox. Each year, winners are selected for outstanding contrubution through Native American Music by the board of directors of Spirit Wind.


BCI wins a NAMMY in New York
Big City Indians picking up a Nammy for “Best Native Heart Recording” for their latest album: “Tribal Vision” at the Native American Music Awards which were handed out in Niagara Falls, NY on November 12th. Thank you to everybody who voted. The Native American Music Award is a celebration of music honoring the outstanding achievements of today’s leading Native American artists north and south of the US and Canadian borders.


The Call Of The Canyons – Video Clip
A Part of the video clip was shot on in one of the mystical places in the American West! The Parowan Gap in Utah. This is a place along an ancient trail with cosmic phenomena, a extravaganza of petroglyphs – a superb “gallery” of Native American rock art. Here one can witness what is at least a 1,000 year accumulation of art work pecked into the rock. Geometric designs and images adorn the smooth canyon walls of the more

The ancient people recognized the significance of the layout and marked it with petroglyphs of the various astronomical events. Solar and lunar calenders mark the daily, monthly and seasonal cycles. Check out the video clip set amidst the vast panoramas of the Escalante Desert and by the Zion Canyons



Concert at the Night of Balloons
Big City Indians at the great Hot Air Balloon event in Austria. Many of balloons in different shapes, colours and sizes soared through the sky during the health resort Bad Tatzsmannsdorf. The flickering glow of each balloon scored a beautiful display in the evening light and the Hot Air Balloons flames to the beat of our music with fireworks.
Check out the LIVE VIDEO



“The Call Of The Canyons” OUT NOW!
Relax with the first solo-flute-album from Wolfsheart. “The Call Of The Canyons” is your navigator through all the beauty and the mystery of american southwest landscape. Get it now! This collection of twelve songs was inspired by the canyons, the natural landscapes, the people and the soaring birds of the Southwest. It is a reflection of ancient Indian ruins, monuments, petro glyphs as well as of the teachings of Native American people of various tribes and a result of the unique collaboration between Wolfsheart and the Big City Indians’ member, composer and artist Gigi Skokan.


Greifensteine Countrymusic Festival in Germany
Big City Indians performing live at the Greifensteine Festival in Germany – Sachen’s largest Open-air Country Rock Festival at the remnants of a mighty granite massif in a natural arena amidst the rocks of the Erzgebirge mountains. We had a great performance with around 3,500 visitors on the natural stage against the backdrop of the rocky crags. The weather was perfect and besides the strong sun shining on our instruments.


CD´s Available now on CD Baby
Our CDs and digital songs/albums are now available on CD Baby Indie Music Store.


Wolfsheart performs in US
at the Zion Canyon Drum and Flute Festival outside Zion National park in the small town of Springdale. A big, exciting festival in Utah with world known recording artists celebrating the rhythms of Mother Earth. For a player of Native American Flutes, this is a very exciting gathering. Wolfsheart was the first european, who ventures down to this spectacular event on this spectacular location. This world class event provides the opportunity to immerse oneself in the passion of Native American Flutes music. Live Video


Native Digest Interview
Read an exclusive Interview on the online magazine Native Digest. A site dedicated to native american culture, performance, music and art.


Video Premiere
Big City Indians appears worldwide on your movie-screen: Watch our new clips! “Like an Indian” raises questions of identity and substance. “Buffalo Thunder” synthesize an indigenous perspective on nature and life with modern musical sensibilities. Both tracks from the album: “Tribal Vision”



Live at the biggest Festival in Czech Republic
We had a great opening ceremony and a great gig at night at the Trutnov Open Air Music Festival at the main stage, which has the shape of an amphittheatre. The “East – Czech Woodstock“ is one of the biggest music festivals in the Czech Republic. Since its inception in 1987, the festival has been promoting an alternative lifestyle, tolerance and openness amongst communities. Also the former president Vaclav Havel was guest on the festival  Live Video



A special Song for Leonard Peltier
Big City Indians have produced the song „Sin of Ignorance
(32 Reasons)
“ especially for the indigenous rights activist & political prisoner Leonard Peltier. This protest song with the beat of war drums, raises awareness of Leonard Peltier’s ongoing legal plight through the power of music. Barack Obama says “Yes we can” – we say we can not continue – Peltier has to be released!
Free Leonard Peltier – In the spirit of Crazy Horse