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The Latest Album from Wolfsheart and the Big City Indians is sure to set the ground on fire again…Breathing the sounds and emotion of the Native American Culture in a way that only the Big City Indians can, they continue to reach new heights with each new step they take on this musical journey they have been sharing with the world. With the release of the new album “TUWA” comes more of that journey brought to life for us all to hear in a way that would make the Ancient Ones proud … read more

The single duet “In the Shadow of the Light” with Native American artist Kelly Montijo Fink is an amazing blend of old and new ways in a fantastic pairing of voice and spirit. Don’t think twice on this one folks, it is a sure bet for any music library. Sit back and let them take you on the journey into that sacred place when man and nature were one.


Earthday Radio, US
This music reminds us that we’re all indigenous to the earth. Hear the thunder, hear the earth crying out, and feel the power of native wisdom through this diverse compilation of musical styles. TUWA weaves rich sound textures with deep earthy vocals. Native flutes, drums, and prayers meet the big city with a wide variety of instrumentation that awakens every heart to action and healing for the earth …


Thunder Valley Shaman Drums, US
Better put on your power groove shoes and get ready to mix it up with Big City Indians. One of Europe’s premier eclectic bands with Native American DNA in its sound is back with a new concept album, TUWA. You’ll never hear anything else like it, guaranteed. TUWA is equal parts driving bass and melodious flute, thunderous and lyrical, a BCI trademark established when the band formed 15 years ago. They have stayed close to their roots with this album, but the expression has read more

matured into full sophistication and daring, as rich and spicy as a Southwest taco and a swami’s curry. You want muscle? No problem. Catch “Horses Thunder,” their featured single. Would you rather have something like Bob Marley’s masterful irreverence for the status quo? Can do. “Flame of Native Pride” will put your feet in action and focus your mind and heart on an appreciation for the diversity of the human tribe. Fusion, World Music, reggae, rap, rock and even a few good gospel riffs? Got you covered. This is a tumble with a thund’a, Austrian style. With an even dozen new compositions, this is by far Big City Indians’ best yet…


The Borderland Magazine, United Kingdom
There is a strong rock element mixed in with the Native Indian rhythms and beats, it is funky and often has an ambient feel to the instrumental sections. Most tracks have slow or mid-tempo grooves, though the opening track, Horses Thunder, is the showcase that will catch your attention and get the feet going. I really enjoyed TUWA, along with the worthy eco message the album has a unified sound and each track logically follows the next increasing the drama and intensity…


Mustang Meg, USMustang Meg
I am thrilled with TUWA! I was very taken with Horses Thunder and I am begging for the Big City Indians to become a LOUD voice in advocacy for saving the last of our remaining Wild Mustangs. Here in the US they are being brutally rounded up, warehoused and then SECRETLY shipped to horrific slaughter conditions. The Wild Mustang represents the last of all our freedoms! They are being killed off for greedy corporate energy companies and mineral extractions which will be read more

the final blow of destruction to the wild spaces left in the western US. Thundering Horses is a perfect voice for representing these remaining magnificent animals, and Big City Indians can amplify that voice world wide. I love all the music on TUWA and am sharing the power of your love with great hope in my heart for all to embrace ONELOVE….


Living Green Magazine, USLiving Green Magazine
WWF Earth Hour Song from Big City Indians: “Earth Is Crying – Dry Her Tears”
Earth Hour is a world-wide event that took place last weekend.  People and cities turn off the lights for an hour to draw attention to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  The Earth Hour Song „Earth Is Crying – Dry Her Tears“ is from the Austrian group that often sings about nature and our impact on it.


Toh Tah, Keep It Country TV & Radio Show, Germany

I have to say first, I love Native American Music in its purest way, on Pow Wows and at meetings or gatherings. As i got that Album TUWA from the Big City Indians,
I did´nt know exactely was it was. So I got into my chair, put on the headphones and listened. It started of with: „Horses Thunder“. I had the feeling sitting in between a tribe meeting and hearing a herd of horses passing by. great. Even though there are different kinds of music styles, from modern to oldstyle, after each sond,read more

I was waiting for the next one to start. It has everything, from Folk, Pop to Native pure,lovely. After a time I really got carried away and saw pics from ancient times. Great expectation. I would say if someone wants to start with listening to Native American Music he really should get this Album, it makes the Step from a lovely mix of Native Music to hardcore Pow Wow Music a lot easier. Great Album, looking out for the next…


Native Peoples Magazine, US
If you´re a fan of World Beat music and cross cultural concoctions, the CD Tribal Vision, from the band Big City Indians is right up your alley. The music is quite good in cinematic fashion, with soaring chants, smooth flutes and driving rock beats from this Vienna, Austria-based quintet.



Whispering Wind Magazine, US
Tribal Vision, the latest release from the popular group Big City Indians, presents poignant political issues amidst persuasive beats and rhythms. Richly textured music creates spiritual and musical connections throughout the cd. This cd celebrates indigenous life and talent. Standout songs include “Like an Indian” which raises questions of identity and substance. read more

“Buffalo Thunder” and “Walk with the Wind” synthesize an indigenous perspective on nature and life with modern musical sensibilities. Finally, “Sin of Ignorance” raises awareness of Leonard Peltier’s ongoing legal plight through the power of music. Big City Indians utilize the universal sounds and aspects of music in order to entertain their audience. In addition, this band infuses each tune with their fervent devotion to Native culture, natural and spiritual life, and Indigenous issues. The result is a CD, Tribal Vision, that showcases the impressive efforts of this excellent band.


Psychedelic Central Music Magazine, US
“Tribal Vision” is a divinely crafted composition of songs, which clearly manifest the Big City Indians scheme to produce a futuristic rendition; by way of hybridizing the great spiritual sounds of the pristine Native American cultures and Natural Worlds, with the mainsprings of contemporary pop, classical rock and blues. Each of the songs relinquish beautiful metaphysical messages of ancient knowledge and their relationship to Mother Earth,…read more

over ethnic and paradisaical soundscapes full of tribal beats, heavenly keyboards, grooving guitar riffs, rockin drums and Native American flutes, with powerful enthralling vocals reflecting extreme emotional energy, that is purely music from the soul! .”Tribal Vision” has been a positive soul touching experience of great pleasure! I highly recommend this CD to those who appreciate the Native American cultures and Natural worlds …


PheonixRadio, United Kingdom
Big City Indians new cd, Tribal Vision, can hit you with the power of rolling thunder while embracing you with the softness of a cool summer rain. This latest work may be their best yet. I found myself playing it over and over. Music is just an extension of story telling which is done to it’s fullest with this project. There isn’t a bad track on this newest cd, which is a bit of a rarity in the music world. Take my advice, this cd is a real keeper for any music lover. Five stars with out a doubt …


Whispering Wind Magazine, US
A Native American band from Europe? Presenting their contemporary tribal sounds since 1997 Taking a page out of the Robert Mirabal and the Rare Tribal Mob’s playbook, this Pan-Indian band from Europe is one of the more interesting groups we’ve come across in a long time. A colorful combination of rock and roll, blues and Native themes, Big City Indians’ second release is powerful. ‘Wolfsheart’ (lead singer) and company capture the essence of Native spirit….read more

Big City Indians is just that. Dubbing their music, “Native American Power Groove” this five-man band from Austria delivers the goods. With a foundation firmly planted inintertribal music, BCI combines Native sounds and themes with rock and roll and blues. The result is simply spectacular…


Maverick Magazine, UK
What they produce musically is of the highest quality, totaly authentic but given an almost dance rock groove that would appeal to young festival audiences in the UK. Eleven tracks on this their fourth release, a large percentage of which would get audiences up and dancing within minutes. The production is crisp, vocals outstanding and they playing is first class. They really are one of the most unique bands plying their wares in Europe today; no other acts is doing anything quite like this….read more

“Tribal Vision” will no doubt do very well in their home country Austria along with the rest of Europe, but I would urge our UK readers to check out theit website and order a copy, it will come as a most pleasant suprise …

Pagan Poet Radio, US
This album “The Call Of The Canyons” is breathtaking!
I feel like I’m soaring over the Grand Canyon or hoofing a sacred path..Wolfsheart has given us a “must have” collection of songs here..that flow like a high wind.. creating an atmosphere of peace, strength, and endless horizon…



Nativeradio, USNativeRadio
Big City Indians are a wonderful group from Vienna, Austria that have several Native Americans in their lineup. They call their emotional energetic sound “Native Indian Power Groove”, which is a mix of Native music with a touch of Rock´n Roll and Blues flair…


New Age Topics, Republic of Belarus
What’s heard in dumbness of the night? The only sound of a tender flute – Which calls you for a trip – Again A charming Native American flute and a delicate, very careful accompaniment of electronic keyboards and followed by Native Americans´ chants. The musicians create amazing musical images, and a bewitching Native American flute makes you forget completely about everything and start on a fascinating journey to a dreamland, to a place where all finest dreams come true and where there are no any barriers between you and outward things,…read more

between you and other peoples. You are unrestricted to move freely around the space and the time. You can fly all over deserts and climb up right to the peaks of acute mountains and in a moment find yourself on the beach of a warm ocean approaching to infinity, and listen to the splashes of its waves that are enchanting and soothing you. And the flute guides you gently in this marvellous journey. And suddenly you can feel as if you were a child again, a merry child that is open up before the world and expecting only the very best things from it. Suddenly by the only tiny little effort you can throw the burden of passed years down and all of a sudden meet with everybody you take care of and love. And again you can permit to be yourself, laugh or cry with ease …


Bikertrash, US
The title of the album honestly did intrigue me. So did the fact that this band was in Austria, of all places. It didn’t fit – Native Americans in the land of Aaarnold? Native Heart, Urban Soul. I was ready for a very percussive, groovy, loud and perhaps, spiritual experience. Well, I popped the CD in the player and cranked it up and was surprised by the sound of wind and water, acoustic guitar and rainstick, and a whispering voice….read more

This wasn’t riling me up, it was calming me down. I looked at the jacket, the song was “Qujaka Wunkaiki Waki” and the lyrics were a repeating chant in a foreign language I could only assume to be a Native American tongue. The second song, “Memory of a Warrior” did start out with wonderful percussion and loud chanting, which got me sitting up. I don’t know what to call it without sounding ignorant and bigoted – the raucous war dance or rain dance perhaps? – wasn’t really what I got. What I got was unexpected and truly delightful. As you can imagine by that description, the collection of songs on “Native Heart-Urban Soul” is a peppered, dotted tapestry of blended elements which make up a new creation that is difficult to separate and isolate and deem “this” or “that” kind of music. Soulfully performed and beautifully mastered, “Native Heart-Urban Soul” is a proud accomplishment for Big City Indians, and a welcome addition to my CD collection…

Folkworld, Germany
The band mixes Indian tribal music with rock music. The result is a new-age kind of mood music with all kind of specific vocals and rhythms. It’s hard to tell where a song starts and were it ends, it’s more like a spiritual experience than twelve independent songs. Besides the music they also pay a lot of attention to the lyrics which tell about the rich cultural live of the Indians. It’s not easy to follow the lyrics throughout the cd, if this really is important for the group I think they need to bring the vocals a little bit more to the front. But than, the lyrics are also printed in the booklet so that gives us the change to enjoy the special sound-landscape of this cd. I think this is a nice cd with both hypnotising and spiritual moment…

Eternal Spirit Magazine, United Kingdom
From the opening track on my imagination takes flight. Some chanting, accompanied with 21th Century drums and guitars. My heart picked up the beat, the rhythm and emotions. Pop meets the Native American spoken word and the rhythm of traditional dance….


Country Home Magazine, Germany
They left traces – numerous gigs in Europe and in the rest of the world made the numbers of their fans grow consistently. We are talking about the band „Big City Indians“. Their release of ‚Tribal Vision’ is another musical highlight which is unique in Europa and America. Impressive indian drums, spheric keyboards, melodic fine fluets mix with the modern sound of guitars …, Spain
“The Call Of The Canyons” is one of the first Native American flute works that shows with great clarity the magic and mystery that surrounded the tribes of the American Southwest. Without breaking that charm, Wolfsheart joins avant-gardist sounds with the sound expressive of the Native Indian flutes, an alliance that initially may not seem wise, but the result is more than perfect. The Call Of The Canyons is a recommeded work!…


Awareness Magazine, US
“The music on the album “The Call Of The Canyons” is a wonderful blend of ancient and modern as wood flutes and earthy drums blend with synthesizers and occasional electronic percussion. The keyboard string section gives a cinematic air and sense of drama and majesty for the flute to glide on like a hawk drifting on updrafts above the canyon. While some songs are propelled by earthy rhythms, others are soulfully meditative. All in all, a deeply felt tribute to a sacred space”…


Thunder Valley Drums, US
“The Call of the Canyons is often tender and graceful, like two would-be lovers before their first embrace. The title song begins with a flutter, putting wings to morning’s first flight into a gentle dawn across the Southwest deserts. Gradually you begin sensing the emerging colors of canyon walls and the sounds of awakening life as the album moves into “Eagles Challenge” and “Sunrise At Four Corners.” Then the ancestors seem to speak through the bass strings and orchestral arrangements,…read more

adding the constant undertone of powerful, often bittersweet irony in “My Crow Heart (Whispering Winds of Love),” and “Ghost Rider.” And finally, the combination of piano and flute in “Kokopelli Dreams” and the slow build of melody in “Rainbow Over Canyon” portrays a beautiful synergy of hope and endurance. This is the Wolfsheart style, covering a broad range of emotions and ending with a celebration of the joyous union of Earth and Sky, love and expression. And always present is the native soul, expressed in the heartbeat of the sacred drum. This is his best album yet, sure to echo in the canyons of your heart” …